• Streams of Living Water Foreword by James Catford

    Streams of Living Water is a subversive and wonderful book. Dallas Willard, my mentor and Richard Foster’s friend, believed it was probably Richard’s most significant contribution to the church, even though his earlier Celebration of Discipline has sold many more copies. As a young and inexperienced book editor at Hodder & Stoughton, I vividly remember […]
  • Abundance not Exaggeration

    The Abundant Life versus the Exaggerated Life Who does not want a fulfilled life, a life that matters? ‘To abound’ means ‘to overflow’, ‘to increase’, ‘to add’ and ‘to enlarge’. Abundance has a verb written all over it. For me, it implies an unstoppable flow, a source that just keeps on giving.  But there was […]
  • The Courage of Wise Counsel

    Last night Debbie (my wife) and I were having dinner with some long-time friends and the issue of church discipline came up in our conversation. We had a lively and spirited discussion. As we talked my mind was drawn to times in the past when friends, teachers, and mentors loved me enough to risk speaking […]
  • Are you Swimming in All the Streams?

    TODAY A MIGHTY river of the Spirit is bursting forth from the hearts of women and men, boys and girls. It is a deep river of divine intimacy, a powerful river of holy living, a dancing river of jubilation in the Spirit, and a broad river of unconditional love for all peoples. As Jesus says, “Out […]
  • A Meeting of Friends

    Last week several Renovaré Board Members gathered together to touch base with each other and discuss the how best to bring the Word of God to life into the hearts of believers across the Britain and Ireland. The passion held in the hearts of the Renovaré Team for the Gospel was clear. The team gathered […]
  • How We Pray for Daily Bread

    Editor’s note: Trusting God fully means learning to ask for our bread, day by day. To those of us who live in a world of efficient farming, industrial bakeries, and super-sized grocery stores, asking for our daily bread may seem a quaint, too trivial petition. Not so, says Richard Foster in today’s post. Jesus immerses […]
  • The Inner Life of the Public Person

    Truth be told, I haven’t read all the books on the market about leadership – it just feels that way.  Pass through any airport bookshop and you are likely to see me leafing through the pages of the latest business best-seller. Yes, I’m the one with the carry-on bag blocking your way to the checkout. […]
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