Spiritual Formation is best experienced in community.

It is a process which is enriched by sharing as a church – a body of believers – who can worship, serve, celebrate and learn together.

It involves ongoing discipleship. Many churches have homegroups or regular Bible study groups. Our Spiritual formation workbook is an excellent resource for such groups, providing a practical, accessible approach to discipleship. What is more it is ongoing and sustainable. This is not a one-time solution, but a sustained programme which encourages Christians to grow – and to carry on growing.

It’s for everyone. This is not a programme for ‘experts’. Spiritual Formation is not confined to the theologically sophisticated or the well educated, it’s something that all Christians can grasp as they share and learn together.

It brings about change. Perhaps most crucially, the Renovaré approach is one which recognises that people – and therefore churches – can change. Sometimes we just feel that our church is a bit ‘stuck’. Maybe it’s worse: maybe we’ve given up hope for change and renewal. Renovaré’s approach offers a real solution to churches and church leaders who feel that they have run dry, that they need something new, something challenging, something that will help people to become more like Christ.

If you would like to introduce Renovaré in your local church, then the best place to start is by contacting us. We can advise on the best approach for your church or community.