You may already be meeting in a small group, whether as part of a church or not. Or you may be wanting to start a group from scratch. Whatever the case, there are some steps which will help you in your planning and preparation.

1. Pray. Pray whether this is the right thing for you at this time.

2. Involve your church staff. The expertise and encouragement of your pastor, priest or church leaders will be invaluable.

3. Find one other person. It’s not a group until there are two of you! Find at least one other person who is interested in such a group, perhaps a close friend or a person at your church.

4. Invite others to join you. In our experience, many people want to be part of a group like this but have never been asked to join one.

For more information, you can download an excerpt from the Life Streams study guide which will tell you how to start a group and answer some of your questions. You can even download the first session for free.

Or, you can contact us and we’ll be very happy to help.