A Spiritual Formation Group helps you put yourself in a place where God can transform your life from the inside out.

Renovaré Spiritual formation groups consist of between 2 and 6 members (we recommend 4), meeting weekly or fortnightly.

Without this group my spiritual journey would have stagnated – with this group it has flowed.

Spiritual formation groups are places of discovery, encouragement and joy. They offer secure, supportive environments in which we learn to practise the spiritual disciplines, and encourage one another in our individual spiritual growth through reflection, discussion, mutual support and prayer.

My Renovaré Spiritual Formation Group is invaluable as it keeps me rooted, supported and challenged as I journey on in my faith and practice.

Most groups use Life Streams, our spiritual formation workbook. This will help you to set up a group and provide you with ready-to-use styudy plans for the first nine sessions. You can download a sample here.

On this website you will find information about how to set up and run a group, plus some downloadable resources. If you would like to talk to Renovaré about setting up a group in your church or community, please do get in touch.