A Renovaré Spiritual Formation Group is realistic and practical – and fun.

The group gathers regularly to study, to share their past experiences, and to make plans for the week ahead.

During each gathering (which should last between sixty and ninety minutes) the leader guides the group through a series of opening words, a question-and-answer session, and a closing time of prayer. Within this flexible format, members are reminded of their task, enabled to hear from one another, share, plan, and dream with each other. It is within this framework that the balance, the knowledge, and the encouragement and accountability are nurtured.

My Renovaré Spiritual Formation Group has been truly life changing. It has helped me become a disciple of Jesus rather than a follower. It has broadened and deepened my faith, helping me to be rooted in the Kingdom of God in my everyday life instead of only Sundays and my mid week groups. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to become a disciple of Jesus and live in the Kingdom of God everyday. Prepare to be challenged and transformed!

Of course, every group is unique. But many groups share the same pattern. Using the Order of meeting which emphasises a personal commitment to renewal, they explore the Bible,pray for one another and help each other to exercise the core disciplines that group members practise consistently. And groups are accountable to one another: using the Questions of the Heart is a good way to examine spiritual progress.

Most groups start with an eight-week introduction based on a resource book Life Streams. This inspiring, accessible course explains the Renovaré model of spiritual formation, and gives you loads of ideas for practical activities and spiritual exercises to accompany each session.

Generally there is no single leader: everyone who participates shares this facilitating role – which is not difficult. The choice of who will guide the group each week is best made in advance, perhaps at the end of the previous meeting.

Once the course is completed, the group decides whether to continue meeting and for how long. Many groups are still meeting, long after the initial spiritual formation course has been completed.