Spiritual Formation is best pursued as part of a group. But for some Christians that might not be possible.

So how do you go about it as an individual?

First get hold of some resources. Many people have found enormous help in the classic book, Celebration of Discipline. This will help you to make the Christian disciplines part of our core practice and routine.

Then, give yourself time. The enemy of spiritual formation is rush, hurry and noise. We need to eliminate hurry from our lives if we are truly going to experience God. Time spent in solitude and silence will give you an opportunity to pray and to read the Bible more deeply. Don’t fill this with noise. Bring yourself into silence.

Third, remember that you are training, not trying. There will be times when it is hard going, times when not everything goes to plan or when you fail. But that is what training is all about. Training allows you to make mistakes. It builds spiritual muscle.