A Spiritual Formation Group helps you put yourself in a place where God can transform your life from the inside out.

Renovaré Spiritual formation groups consist of between 2 and 6 members who meet regularly. (Probably the ideal number is 4, meeting weekly.) The groups are places of discovery, encouragement and joy. In these groups we learn to practise the spiritual disciplines, and how to encourage one another in our individual spiritual growth through reflection, discussion, mutual support and prayer.

Groups are intentional. The single goal is for those involved to become better disciples of Jesus Christ, through practising the spiritual disciplines and encouraging one another.

Groups are small. Usually a group comprises between two and seven people.

Groups are communities. There is a sense of community and togetherness. None of us is supposed to live the Christian life alone.

The first time I was in a Renovaré spiritual formation group someone cried. It wasn’t that they had said or heard anything shocking, but just that they felt so relieved to enter a group that they could relax in. They felt they had come home.

• Groups are accountable. We benefit from having others alongside us as we face spiritual challenges. Every person in a Spiritual Formation Group is committed to one another’s spiritual growth.

It is great to meet, talk and share and in our busy lives we need to give quality time to each other more than ever. But if this is where it stops then we’ve just turned a Renovaré group into another talking shop and intellectual club. We found in our group that we needed to gently encourage each other that the main work of transformation happens outside the group. God seems to work most deeply in our lives when we take up the disciplines that people have used over many centuries and can be found in the Bible. In short it’s about walking the talk rather than talking the walk.

A Spiritual Formation Group is not a prayer group, though it incorporates prayer. It is not a support group, though support is found there. And it is not a Bible study, though the Bible is used by the group. It is a group that focuses on what God has done, is doing, and will do in our lives.

Spiritual Formation Groups answer the question: What will help me grow spiritually? And each gathering of a Spiritual Formation Group focuses on two issues: What has God been doing in my life? What do I plan to do before the next meeting to make space for him to do even more?